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Range rover brake stop

Counteracting the Lever-Arm effect during Brake Tests

Counteracting the Lever-Arm effect during Brake Tests It is largely accepted that the most accurate and cost effective way to perform brake distance tests is with the use of a high speed GPS sensor which can measure distances to within a few cm. During a brake test however, the necessary placement of a GPS antenna high up on the vehicle …

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Vbox Laptimer

Racelogic Launch The VBOX Laptimer

The VBOX Laptimer New product launch VBOX-LapTimerWe are particularly excited about the brand new VBOX LapTimer which is being launched at the show. This new standalone predictive lap timer not only shows your predictive ‘delta-T time’, but also has multi-coloured LEDs showing your speed difference or ‘delta-V’ as well. We believe that this is a real breakthrough in driver feedback …

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Labsat 3


LAUNCHING LABSAT 3 AT THE ION GNSS The third generation LabSat breaks cover at the ION GNSS expo, September 16th to 20th. The new record, replay, and simulation device represents a major step forward in convenience and portability. LabSat3-GPS-Simulator With multi constellation capability and one-touch record and replay, LabSat3 allows developers looking for realistic signal output to record scenarios in …

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LABSAT 3 – NARRATIVE CASE STUDY LabSat is a GNSS record and replay system that allows for systematic and repeatable testing of GPS based products. In this article we look at how it has been put to use in the development of one of the new wave of ‘Wearable’ devices. In a similar fashion to the explosion in the mobile …

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