VBOX OEM Vehicle Testing Day at AARC

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VBOX OEM Vehicle Testing Day at AARC

 VBOX OEM Vehicle Testing Day at AARC

This year’s Applied Measurement VBOX OEM Vehicle Testing Day was held at the Australian Automotive Research Centre (AARC) at Anglesea. AARC is the ideal proving ground for the VBOX day as it offers an extensive range of automotive engineering services to all vehicle and component manufacturers. Not only have we held our VBOX day at AARC, we also have refurbished the AARC tilt table which you can read about here


Anglesea009The day was very successful with several engineers from the University of Adelaide Centre for Automotive Safety (CASR) demonstrating the use of their VBOXes equipped with RTK to validate throttle and braking robots for various ESC testing.  This included adaptive cruise control and ‘master-slave’ control where by the robot maintained its vehicle at a designated distance ahead of the vehicle behind it under human control.

Anglesea014 Called ‘30-30’ and ‘40-40’ tests,  the robot is given the task of maintaining the vehicles at 30m apart at 30km/h, and 40m apart at 40km/h by using the information calculated by the VBOXes connected via radio modems in the two vehicles.

TAnglesea004he Full ADAS system by Racelogic VBOX will offer an accuracy of 2cm absolute position with an RTK base station and when using the ‘Moving Base’ mode this also offers a portable on highway solution with a vehicle to vehicle accuracy of 2cm!

For Further information on the CASR brake Throttle Robot you can either contact us here or contact CASR directly through their website here.


Other Demonstrations

Further demonstrations throughout the day showed how IMU04 integration provides excellent noise reduction to raw GPS data and compensates for chassis movement during vehicle dynamic and brake testing.Anglesea005


Anglesea002Racelogic’s technical director Kevin Bursnall provided excellent instruction and demonstration of the advanced features of the VBOX3i and how versatile the system is for providing accurate results in lane departure, blind spot detection and other validation tests.

Anglesea010Applied Measurement would like to thank AARC for the use of their excellent facilities, and CASR for taking the time to visit us from Adelaide and using their VBOXes and RTK base station throughout the day.

For any further information on the VBOX ADAS system or the VBOX 3iSL including the IMU integration or if you would like us to organize such a demonstration of any VBOX product, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

VBOX Base Station
VBOX Base Station2