VVB Waterproof

Video Data Loggers

VideoVBOX adds a new dimension to vehicle testing, with the ability to synchronise multi camera video with data from a variety of sources

Racelogic Vbox 3iSL

GPS Data Loggers

We offer a wide range of VBOX data loggers and specifications to meet different needs and budgets.

Vbox Speed Sensor

GPS Speed Sensors

Our speed sensor range offers the same GPS performance as the data logger range, but is designed to integrate directly with your own logging equipment via CAN, serial, analogue, or digital interface.


Multifunction Display


VBOX displays offer a variety of real time results feedback and unit setup. The advantage of using a display is the speed and convenience of altering test parameters or verifying data during the procedures themselves; sometimes the ability to abort a run, often only possible when in-vehicle viewing of data is available, can greatly reduce the amount of track time required.

VBOX displays range from full tablet PC, to LCD multifunction, to speed and lap timing units.

Vbox Mini

Performance Meters and Motorsport

Designed specifically for motorsport, sport orientated and performance meters.

CAN Splitter Box

VBOX Accessories

All recomended and needed accessories including input and output modules, antennas, cables, CAN Splitters and much more.

VBOX ADAS Validation


Applied Measurement can offer first hand advice and years of experience in the following applications just to name a few.
Included are some personal applications covering Aviation, Heavy Vehicle, Vehicle Testing, Marine, Mining and Motorsport.