Aircraft Cockpit Camera System

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VBOX Video Flight Recorder

Aircraft Cockpit Camera System

Aviate. Navigate. Communicate. Record all 3 with 1 VBOX Video Flight Recorder.

GPS enhanced video is fast becoming essential in analyzing and improving the performance of both pilot and aircraft. Video VBOX is widely regarded as one of the best video and data logging systems available, with high video and graphics quality, flexibility, accuracy, ease of use, and reliability.
All in one Video and GPS data logger Housed in a rugged enclosure, Video VBOX combines a Digital Video Recorder, Real-time graphical overlay, stereo audio with automatic gain control, and a high-end GPS and CAN data logger in a single, easy to manage package. Its your own Black Box and Cockpit Voice Recorder in one unit.

It has the ability to record DVD quality video from up to four cameras, record stereo audio (headset and cockpit ambience) with automatic gain control, logs GPS data at up to 20Hz, and incorporates a real time customisable graphic overlay.

Vbox Video Pro
Vbox Video lite
VVB Waterproof

Record multiple camera angles in real time

Video VBOX supports up to four waterproof cameras with customisable Picture-in-Picture (PiP) windows. No post processing is required as the camera angles super-imposed in real time.

PiP is ideal for showing where students are looking during all phases of a flying lesson or the facial expression of a passenger on a joy flight.

The cameras can be easily located within the cockpit with the supplied unobtrusive suction mounts allowing versatile positioning, even on very curved surfaces often found in the cockpit. For mounting outside of the aircraft, a 200kts suction camera mount is available.

Fully Customisable Graphical Overlay

The visual aids Video VBOX offer makes it ideal for flight training and other aerial applications.

You can customise all of the graphical elements which are embedded in the video footage using the scene design software supplied as part of the package. The software package allows you to place your own company logos and details, customised gauges, bar graphs, G-force gauges and text anywhere onto the scene.


Applied Measurement Australia has developed a GPS graphical overlay that provides excellent information on the key parameters of flying an aircraft: ground speed, heading and altitude. In addition to this, a Vertical Airspeed Indicator and G meter is provided while a turn coordinator is also simulated for lateral (side) acceleration.
The scene set up is easy and with a VFR panel scene already designed by Applied Measurement, is effortless in placing your own information including images, company logos, location of PiP windows, aircraft details, etc. Other GPS parameters available are number of satellites,
latitude and longitude, radius of turn, time since power up (ideal for VDO validation) and time since stationary.
You can also configure the size and location of the Picture-in-Picture window for the other cameras.

There are a number of pre-defined scenes shipped with each system, and registered users can also download a large library of scenes.

Cockpit Voice Recording

Video is only part of the picture. Video VBOX is equipped with a 3.5mm stereo audio input and kits are supplied with up to 2 microphones and splitter to record cockpit ambience. Intercom and radio communications are easily recorded with the optional GA or Helicopter audio cables.

GPS data logger

Video VBOX is equipped with a survey grade GPS that not only logs a variety of GPS parameters, but can display them on the customisable graphical overlay in the recorded video. This overlay can show ground speed, heading, altitude, vertical speed, longitude and latitude acceleration, in real time with a smooth update of up to 20 times a second.

GPS parameters that can be displayed and/or logged are:

  • Speed
  • HeadingVBOX Video Flight Recorder Google Earth
  • Altitude
  • Acceleration
  • Vertical Speed
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Radius of Turn
  • Time since stationary
  • UTC Time
  • Local Time
  • Time since power up
  • Distance since stationary
  • Number of Satellites
  • Distance since power up
  • DGPS status

The recorded data can then be used with the supplied Circuit Tools Software to where performance graphs (altitude vs speed) and flight path track is shown while synchronised to the video.

Event Marker

With the push of a button the VBOX Video Flight Recorder can mark stages of the flight for further review during post flight.

Want to get more out of your Video VBOX?

Racelogi IMUPeripherals such as an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) can be connected to record 3-axis of movement while full Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) can also be used for 6-Directions of Freedom (6DOF) – pitch, roll, yaw as well as acceleration in longitude, latitude and the vertical axis of the aircraft can be recorded and replayed accordingly

Record to USB or SD Cards

SD CardVideo VBOX records a *.avi video file and a post flight analysis file directly to SD Card or USB device at a rate of 2Gb per hour. The video file is complete with audio and the PiP/ GPS graphical overlay.

No post processing means you walk away with a complete video ready to play back on PC (Windows Media Player) or MAC (Quicktime). You can easily share your adventures on social media including YouTube.

There are several recording options with continuous, record only when moving, and manual start/stop options. If the recorder needs to be located in a hard to reach location, an optional remote recording switch is available.
Simple and reliable power options Video VBOX is powered from 9V-15VDC, usually available from the aircrafts auxiliary power socket. A battery tank circuit ensures no loss of files with unwanted disruption to the power supply, and safely closes the files when complete power is lost.

Reliable Battery Back Up Recording

Battery backup circuit for reliable recording is a hugely important and unique feature makes the frustration of lost video a thing of the past. All other solid state video recorders on the market will lose the entire video file if the power drops out temporarily, something which Racelogic were careful to avoid at all cost during the design phase.

If auxiliary power is not available, then an optional light weight 5 hour battery pack is available.

Post Flight Software

Post flight review with VBOX Tools is amazing. VBOX Tools allows you to simultaneously watch
your video while showing your location on a map, and providing graphs on ground speed and altitude. Using the scrolling function on the video, map or graph allows you to quickly jump to different phases of flight while keeping all the information synchronized. The flight path can be exported to Google Earth or another preferred navigation program.

Warranty and Support

Every Video VBOX comes with a 1 YEAR hardware guarantee and lifetime software support. You have the peace of mind that should you ever want advice, Applied Measurement Australia’s team of application engineers are on hand by phone, email or on-site to assist.

Standard and Custom Packages

Video VBOX comes in three models: Lite, PRO and Waterproof. Each Kit contains everything to get you started including cameras, mounts, mics and cables. Select a model below to view full specs.

Vbox Video Pro
Vbox Video lite
VVB Waterproof