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HeaMitchell Transport Kenworthvy Vehicle VBOX Application

Main roadsMain Roads Western Australia are responsible for Western Australia’s highways and main roads which represent almost 30% of the States total assets. They are one of the largest geographically spread road agencies in the world, covering 2.5 million square kilometers.

A large proportion of vehicles using Western Australia’s road network are prime movers for fuel, minerals and freight. The use road trains, where a prime mover may have 2 (tandem) or 3 (tri-drive) trailers in tow, are increasing and can measure a phenomenal 50m (165 ft) in length and weigh in excess of 135 tonnes.

The Requirement

During 2009, Main Roads Western Australia needed to determine whether tri-drive prime movers experience more difficulties with under steer and traction on different road grades compared to tandem drive prime movers, with a focus on cabin performance.

We Have The Technology

Tri Drive Testing Tom Price 203 (small)In answer to this, Australia’s premier Racelogic distributor, Applied Measurement Australia, supplied a Vbox SL3 Three Antenna GPS data logger.

The Vbox SL3 offers all parameter analysis at twenty samples per second including the options of expansion via external analogue modules and sensors including Inertial Measurement Units, OLED Displays, vehicle CAN module and much more.

Tri Drive Testing Tom Price 223 (small)By mounting the three GPS antennas onto the roof of the cabin, critical measurements in absolute body angles including cabin pitch, roll and yaw can be obtained.

This was achieved by comparing the relative height or heading between each of the antennas. These channels are all measured solely from GPS. Other parameters that can be obtained include acceleration/deceleration rates, true head, corner forces, braking distances and much more.

CAN signals from the prime movers onboard CANbus can also be logged by the VBOX SL3.

Why GPS?

TOM PRICE WAGPS technology is ideally suited for vehicle use as it provides a non-contact measurement solution. Antennas and the logger are extremely portable resulting in a complete standalone, mobile system.


The testing took place on Karijiuni Drive near Tom Price in WA. The trial was managed by Graham Jacoby and John Rossiter from Main Roads while Mitchell Transport kindly provided the vehicles and staff.
After only half an hour on the phone with Applied Measurements technical support, Graham commented “I am very impressed with the Vbox overall, it is easy to set up, operate and retrieve data once you have finished testing. As for the product presentation, it is top notch and the briefcase is very smart and professional”.

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