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Brake Testing with VBOX

Vehicle and tyre manufacturers are constantly looking to reduce braking distances, speed up response times and improve stability.
Improvements in braking systems and tyre compounds are getting smaller each year, meaning it has become increasingly important to measure braking distances accurately.


Why use VBOX to perform Brake Tests?

VBOX Brake stopVBOX is a powerful data acquisition system used by almost every vehicle and tyre manufacturers to measure the speed and position of a moving vehicle. It uses GPS signals to provide engineers with up to ±2cm positional accuracy, allowing them to plot even the smallest improvements in performance.
It has the ability to be connected to a brake trigger, which uses GPS time to monitor exactly when pressure is applied to the pedal, and allows for test data to be viewed quickly and easily using a laptop or tablet PC – reducing the time needed to monitor results.


GPS Accuracy
Types of Brake Tests

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