Lane Departure Warning System Testing

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Lane Departure Warning System Testing

Using VBOX to test and validate Lane Departure Warning & Lane Keep Assist Systems

How Does it Work?

Lane Departure

Lane departure warning and prevention systems use cameras, infrared, radar & Lidar sensors to track the vehicle’s position within the lane.

If the vehicle crosses a continuous or discontinuous line, the information is transmitted to a monitoring computer which trips a warning.

This warning is noted in a number of ways; for example through audible alarms, visible alarms or vibrations in the seat or steering wheel.

When a turning indicator is activated or the yaw rate /speed towards a line is very high, the LDWS will be disabled, as the driver clearly intends to move out of the lane. In all other cases, the warning system will be active.

What  we can offer

VBOX Lane departureLane Departure Warning systems (LDWS) are designed to warn a driver when their vehicle begins to unintendedly move out of its lane. These systems are designed to minimize accidents by addressing the main causes of collisions: driver error, distractions and drowsiness.
In order to introduce an LDW system manufacturers must conform to either NHTSA or ISO regulations. The VBOX3i package allows ADAS developers to easily verify the effectiveness of their product by providing ±2cm positional accuracy.
Lane Departure Warning systems testing and validation can be conducted on the test track using a static DGPS RTK Base Station system.
The system comprises of:

  • VBOX3i-RTK 100Hz GPS data logger
  • DGPS RTK Base Station
  • VBOX Manager
  • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • Video VBOX (required for ISO testing)


ISO regulations now specify that procedures for verifying Lane Departure Warning systems must include testing round a corner. We have therefore developed a line mapping Survey Trolley package for the accurate surveying of a road bend.
To make testing as clear and easy as possible we have developed LDWS test software. This can be run on a laptop or tablet PC and provides the driver with a clear result as to whether the system has passed or failed according to pre-configured parameters.

LANE Departure VBOX VideoLDWS-road-schematic