Performance Testing with VBOX

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Performance test

Performance Testing with VBOX

In today’s world of ever-tightening deadlines and rising track costs, the task of gaining performance figures from the latest model has become harder to manage. The amount of time that a vehicle is available can limit how much information can be gleaned, and if the only way to get the facts involves spending precious time setting up complicated equipment, the end result will not be satisfactory.

The car-buying public are hungry for detailed performance values to help them make an informed decision; and it is now assumed that any publication or website that regularly tests cars produces this data in increasing detail.

Performance testing with VBOX

Traditional Methods

Previous methods of getting this data often required the fitment of third wheels, optical sensors or simple timing with a stopwatch, none of which produced consistently accurate results. The time consuming aspect of fitting complicated external equipment to a manufacturer’s brand new car would also severely limit the amount of time actually available for the testing itself.

A Better Way…

The advent of GPS equipment for car configuration has seen a revolution in the way that this work is undertaken. Because it only requires an antenna to be placed on the roof of the vehicle and power given to the logger (either from the car’s auxiliary socket or a battery pack) there is no such thing as an ‘installation’; and the portable nature of GPS units allows for several vehicles to be tested in one day.

Drift Box
Vbox Mini

This ease of fitting is hugely advantageous, of course, but it means nothing if the logged data isn’t easily, and instantly interpreted. Software must be intuitive and allow for analysis to be made and converted into consumer-friendly facts and figures with ease; whilst the hunger for information is greater than ever its presentation in clearly understandable ways is just as important, and the right software makes this possible.

Deriving Performance Figures with VBOX Equipment
Today’s car evaluation journalist now has access to a very wide variety of standard or custom tests that lets them produce just about any combination of statistics to give their audience. VBOX GPS data loggers can be employed to gather this information with a speed and ease that has completely altered the typical testing day: whether it’s just a few 0-60 runs or something much more complicated.


Using the supplied software isn’t even necessary in some instances, as products such as the VBOX Mini have a built in screen which instantly displays results. For those wishing to get more in depth, VBOX Tools software is used to run post-processed tests on previously logged data and can produce just about any kind of result required. And for any application where camera footage can be used to enhance an article, the Video VBOX provides all of the above along with high quality, data-enhanced video.

VBOX Video Preview

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