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VBOX Sport allows you to instantly analyse your driving performance. Giving you immediate access to the data you need to go faster.
It can be used with any type of vehicle: car, motorbike, bicycle, jet-ski, powerboat etc.
The eight hour battery life will cater for most sporting events; and because the VBOX Sport is planned to weigh only 150g there will be no weight penalty for using it.
You will be able to log accurate GPS data (E.g. speed, acceleration, distance, time) directly to the supplied SD card, allowing you to improve your performance using our analysis software – Circuit Tools.


  • 20Hz GPS engine
  • Over 6hr battery life
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Compatible with
  • Harry’s Lap Timer app
  • Waterproof Internal GPS antenna
  • Socket for external GPS antenna
  • USB charging
  • SD card logging
  • Herbert Richter mounting points
  • Free data analysis software

VBOX Sport

Racelogic APP’s


VBOX Sport Performance Test

  • Accel / Decel
  • Speed
  • VMAX
  • 0-60, 0-100
  • 1/4 mile time
  • G-force
  • braking performance
  • zero to zero times
  • Free of charge

VBOX Sport LapTimer

  • Auto track selection
  • Predicted lap time
  • Current or maximum speed
  • Lap times / sector times
  • Custom circuit creation
  • Lap data analysis in CT
  • Range of config options
  • Designed for both iPhone and iPad
  • Free of charge

VBOX Sport Diagnotics

  • Check health of the hardware
  • Check GPS data reception
  • Free of charge

The VBOX Sport is officially certified by Apple, connects to an iPhone™, iPod™, or iPad™ via a wireless Bluetooth connection, and works with the popular app – Harry’s Lap Timer.
Our own Performance Test app is available from the Apple App Store, giving you increased functionality and immediate feedback for performance testing. We have also released a diagnostic app; and a predictve laptiming app will follow.
As well as using VBOX Sport for motorsport, it can be employed as an enhancement for GPS reception on iOS devices, or for adding GPS functionality to those that don’t have it already.

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