VBOX Marine (VB20SL3-M)

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Racelogic VBOX Marine

VBOX Marine (VB20SL3-M)

The triple antenna VBOX Kit for Trim, Heel & Leeway Angles

The VBOX Marine data logger is designed specifically for the marine testing environment. It features the same three-antenna GPS engine which allows for the simultaneous measurement of pitch, roll and yaw (slip) angles as the VBOX IISX – Triple Antenna (VB2SL3), and incorporates a splash proof case, Bluetooth Module, battery pack, ground plane antennas, and all necessary cabling and connections.
Utilising a new generation of high performance, multi-antenna GPS engines, it can measure Speed, Acceleration, Position and all 3 attitude angles; Pitch, Roll and Yaw (alternatively known as Trim, Heel and Leeway). Because these angles are measured directly, there is no drift which normally affects inertial systems in a marine environment.Never before has it been so convenient to measure these three parameters. The battery powered, sealed unit can be stowed away somewhere safe, and operated remotely on a PC using the Bluetooth link.


How does it Work?

Racelogic VBOX 3 axisThe exact distances between the primary antenna and the two additional antennas are entered into the unit, which then uses these ‘fixed baselines’ to enable an RTK technique which can measure the relative height and position of each antenna to a remarkable accuracy.
Trim, Heel and Leeway Angle on a boat
This is possible because similar position/height errors are present at each antenna, so a sophisticated algorithm is able to eliminate these errors, resulting in a very precise relative height and position measurement.
The VB20SL3-M is quick and easy to fit and simple to use, making it an ideal way of measuring all the key performance parameters of modern boats at a very cost effective price.

SL3 TabThe system comes as a complete package and can be further enhanced by the use of the Q3 Display System which communicates wirelessly via the Bluetooth module (pictured left).
The kit comprises:

  • 1 x RLVB20SL3 20Hz triple-axis data logger
  • 1 x RLVBBT01 Bluetooth module for wireless connectivity
  • 3 x RLVBACS065 Ground plane antennas
  • 2 x 12v NiMH batteries with battery charger
  • 1 x Splash proof case with moulded insert and bulkhead connectors
  • All necessary cabling and connectors
  • VBOX Tools data-analysis software

How accurate are the results?

The accuracy of the Pitch, Roll and Yaw angles (Trim, Heel and Leeway) depend on the separation of the antennas and the quality of the antennas which are used.

The wider the separation of the antennas, the better the accuracy you will achieve:

Separation Slip angle Pitch angle Roll Angle
0.5m 0.5° 1.0° 1.0°
1.0m 0.25° 0.5° 0.5°
2.0m 0.1° 0.25° 0.25°

We supply marine versions of our ground plane antennas which are magnetic mounted and have been optimised for use in this application to give the best results. To obtain these accuracies, the distance between the antennas needs to be accurate to within 0.5cm, and the system used in a clear, open area without any tall masts, high roof bars or structures nearby. The system works in the presence of material sails, but not carbon fibre sails, which reflect GPS signals.