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Vbox Micro



The VBOX Micro is a small, water resistant (IP66) GPS data-logger designed for harsher environments and is very well suited to long term data collection. Log rates can be configured from 10Hz down to 1 sample per minute. A versatile CAN interface allows data to be logged from a vehicle’s CAN bus or from any of the VBOX interface modules. A serial or USB interface allows configuration of the device.


The configurable log rate makes the VBOX Micro perfectly suited to low-dynamic, long term durability testing, where the resultant file sizes are relatively small, and can be easily handled. Recorded data is named in date format and stored in Month folders for straightforward handling in post processing.
Operational status such as satellite lock and RS232/USB communication are displayed via LED on the top of the unit.
Thanks to its rugged design and waterproof connectors, the VBOX Micro is completely dust proof and will withstand heavy rainfall or surface spray, ensuring that it will remain operational in harsh conditions.
The compact flash card is kept secure behind the sealed door which is screwed shut – the door also acts as a start/stop logging switch which allows the current file to be closed properly before the compact flash card is removed, preserving the integrity of any recorded data. Note: Even if the unit is powered down suddenly during recording, only a few seconds of data are lost.

What is recorded?

13 GPS channels are recorded : satellites, time, latitude, longitude, speed, heading, height, vertical velocity, longacc, latacc, power-on reset distance, long term distance, GPS date. Many other parameters can also be calculated from these basic GPS measurements, such as radius of turn, gradient and lateral deviation.

VBOX Micro CAN ChannelsVehicle CAN logging is an optional feature, allowing up to 32 channels of additional data to be logged alongside the standard 13 channels of GPS data.
The VBOX Micro with VCI is fully configurable for each identifier assuming such information is to hand; alternatively we are able to supply CAN Data Sets as an optional addition.
This feature makes the VBOX Micro an ideal solution for long-term testing that requires a simple and easily mounted solution – it keeps instrumentation to the bare minimum whilst allowing for detailed data to be recorded.