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The VBOX Mini is a very powerful, self contained Performance Meter, Lap Timer and Data-Logger. It is based on a 10Hz GPS engine, coupled with an integrated LCD display and SD flash card storage.

What can it be used for?

The VBOX Mini is a perfect tool for any vehicle testing department as you can carry out a large number of standard tests very simply, with results being shown in real-time. The data is also stored onto an SD card which can be analysed in more detail using the powerful VBOX Tools or easy to use Circuit Tools software packages.
VBOX-Mini-back-200It is ideally suited for performance testing, lap timing and long term durability testing.
You can even connect in real time via the USB port to a Laptop computer running VBOX Tools software and do many complex tests in real time.

Performance Meter

Because the VBOX Mini uses a 10Hz GPS engine it is one of the most powerful self contained Performance Meters available on the market. You simply attach the unit to the windscreen of your car, power it via the cigarette lighter, and you are ready to carry out many different types of test.
Using the built in screen you can measure many different types of acceleration test, 0-60, 0-100, 0-100-0, 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile etc. There are also a number of configurable tests, making the unit extremely versatile.

performance-screensThe G-force screens showing your acceleration, braking or cornering force are updated 10 times a second and the maximums can be reset by pressing the RESET button. All of these performance tests are accurate to 0.1s and 0.1kmh as the unit comes with a full calibration certificate.
If you carry out lots of detailed performance tests on different cars, then the VBOX Mini is the right tool for the job, and is used by magazines, TV companies and test departments around the world.

Lap Timer

lap-timing-screensThe VBOX Mini is one of the most powerful lap timers you can buy with the added benefit that you don’t need to set up any external beacons.
Because the VBOX Mini knows where you are 10 times a second, you simply drive over the place where you want to set your start/finish line and press a button. It then calculates the direction you were travelling, and draws a virtual line in its memory at 90 degrees and 25m wide. From then on it knows where your lap starts and ends and instantly displays and records this lap time, accurate to 0.1s.
The VBOX Mini comes with a 99 lap memory and stores all laps on the SD card.
In addition there are 6 split lines that can be defined, and the speed at each of these virtual gates can be frozen to examine corner exit speed or apex speed, giving valuable and instant feedback for the driver from corner to corner.
There is also a separate finish line that can be defined so that you can use the VBOX Mini to time slalom runs or sprint courses with separate start & finish lines.


speedo-screensLike all other VBOXs, the VBOX Mini measures velocity using the Doppler-shift technique, which means that the speed output is very accurate. Included is a large speedometer, and also a speed averaging screen.
This is very useful for calibrating speedometers and also checking the speed of the vehicle between two points. The averaging process can be activated by hitting the OK button, by crossing a start line/split line or by using an external trigger (via the Mini Input Module.)
The VBOX Mini comes with a full calibration certificate which is generated on our state of the art GPS constellation simulator.

The VBOX Mini calculates the following parameters from the GPS engine, 10 times a second:

  • Time
  • Vbox MiniPosition (x,y)
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Heading
  • Cornering force
  • Accel/braking force
  • Height
  • Vertical velocit
  • Yaw rate

Whenever the vehicle moves (>0.5kmh) all of these values are stored on the SD card at 10Hz. The 2GB card supplied gives over 100 hours of continuous logging storage and larger cards can give even longer logging periods. The card can be read either by removing the SD card and putting it into a USB or PCMCIA reader, or by connecting the VBOX Mini to a computer via the USB cable provided, and using the VBOX Mini as the card reader.
Google Earth Interface

GoogleEarth-LuganoGoogleEarth-Lugano Using the VBOX Mini, you can export your position data directly to Google Earth, as shown in the file on the right.
Analysis Software

The VBOX Mini is supplied with the complete VBOX Tools software package. VBOX Tools has been developed in conjunction with our customers over many years making it very powerful yet easy to use.
VBOXTools Graph
With VBOX Tools you can analyse acceleration tests, braking tests, compare and overlay files in the graph screen. You can setup a real time test with multiple display windows showing g-force, speed, distance etc., alongside a customisable table of results.
vboxtools-graph-smYou can use the software in real time mode connected directly to a VBOX, or in post processing mode using the data stored on the removable flash card. For more information, please see the software page.
Circuit Tools software is also included if you are concentrating on driver training and track analysis.