VBOX3i Dual Antenna RLVB3iSL

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Racelogic Vbox 3iSL

VBOX3i  Dual Antenna RLVB3iSL

Slip Angle measurement has never been as accurate!

The VBOX3i Dual Antenna RLVB3iSL is an RTK enabled version of the VBOX 3i Dual Antenna (VB3iSL) which can be used in conjunction with an RTK differential Base Station to obtain centimeter level positioning accuracy combined with all of the advantages of a twin antenna GPS setup with GLONASS satellite tracking.

This is our top-of-the-range VBOX data logger and can be used in any number of vehicle tests where positional accuracy and repeatability are of the utmost importance.

This is our top-of-the-range VBOX data logger and can be used in any number of vehicle tests where positional accuracy and repeatability are of the utmost importance.

How it Works
Why do test engineers choose VBOX?

The main reason test engineers choose to use a VBOX in their testing is the high level of accuracy and repeatability of results.
VBOX3i Dual Antenna will report distance within ±2-3cm, on every test, and the average comes out to within less than 1cm.
Brake distance accuracy is equally impressive. Using a brake pedal mounted trigger input, VBOX3i Dual Antenna will measure braking distance to within ±1.8cm. Additionally it will measure pitch angle with an accuracy of less than 0.028° rms at 2.5m antenna separation.
VB3iSL is especially appealing to ESC test engineers due to the measurement of body angle and yaw rate at 100Hz – measuring subtle changes in vehicle dynamics at high accuracy.
The system is simple and quick to install. Along with the user friendly and powerful VBOX Tools analysis software this means less set-up and post processing time.

VBOX3i  Dual Antenna RLVB3iSL

What tests can I carry out with VBOX3i Dual Antenna?

The VBOX Tools software analysis package allows you to carry out sophisticated tests in both real time and post processing. All parameters can be viewed in a customisable graph, and the data can be scanned, analysed and manipulated using the powerful Report Generator function.
There are a number of standard test configurations which can be loaded into the software with one button click:

  • Brake testing – Using a brake pedal mounted trigger input, VB3iSL will measure braking distance to within ±1.8cm.
  • Performance testing – This unit is perfect for all variations of performance testing, the accuracy and quick response of the 100Hz unit gives very repeatable and accurate results.
  • Acceleration Testing – instantly view speed versus time & distance tables
  • Circuit testing – extract and analyse lap information
  • Dynamic Tests – Slip and pitch angles updated at 100Hz alongside speed, distance and acceleration
  • Steady State Cornering – Slip angle without any drift or correction over time
  • Trailer Angles – Measure relative angles between two fixed bodies (two systems needed)


We also offer dedicated software solutions for a number of specialised tests such as:

  • Aquaplane
  • Coastdown
  • Lane Change
  • Centreline Deviation

And we offer complete packages of hardware for specific vehicle tests:

  • Test and Validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Lane Departure Warning – 2cm accuracy combined with calibrated Video overlay
  • Active Cruise Control – 2cm vehicle to vehicle accuracy
  • Collision Avoidance Systems – vehicle to point, vehicle to vehicle
  • Blind Spot Detection – calibrated Video Overlay

How accurate are the results?

The accuracy of the slip angle and pitch angle depend on the separation of the antennas and the quality of the antennas which are used.
The more widely spaced the antennas are, the better the accuracy you will achieve. The accuracies quoted below are for open field conditions.

Vbox Mounted antenna

Separation Slip angle Pitch angle
0.5m 0.2° rms 0.14° rms
1.0m 0.1° rms 0.07° rms
2.0m 0.05° rms 0.035° rms
2.5m 0.04° rms 0.028° rms

Designed to be fitted to any vehicle, the antenna mounting pole provides the optimum 2.5m seperation between GPS antennas, enabling users to capture high accuracy Pitch, Slip and Yaw rate readings. The mount incorporates a Ground Plane on each antenna stage to allow standard GPS antennas to be used.




coastdownCan I monitor results in real-time?

Yes, the VBOX Tools analysis software can connect via serial, USB or Bluetooth and run results in real-time. You can also connect to a laptop or tablet PC such as the VBOX Q3 display (optimised for use with VBOX Tools software) to monitor speed, braking results, lap-times, and many other parameters.


Please contact us to discuss your application.