VBOX Modules

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Racelogic  VBOX IMU04

VBOX Inertial Measurement Unit

Racelogic’s Inertial Measurement Unit (RLVBIMU04) provides highly accurate measurements of pitch, roll, and yaw rate using three rate gyros, as well as x, y, z acceleration via three accelerometers.


VBOX Frequency & Pulse Counter Input Module

Racelogic’s Frequency Input Module (RLVBFIM03) is a 4-channel frequency capture and pulse counter unit. It enables frequency based signals in the range of 1Hz to 20kHz to be recorded or logged by a VBOX.

Analogue input module

VBOX Analogue Input Module (16bit) 

The VBOX Analogue Input Module (RLVBADC03) is an 8-channel 16bit analogue voltage interface designed for use with the Racelogic VBOX range of GPS data loggers.


VBOX CAN To Analogue Output Module

The CAN to analogue output module is designed to convert CAN bus data into voltage and digital output. In this way it is possible to log data from a CAN bus with data logging equipment not incorporating a CAN interface.


VBOX Vehicle CAN Interface

The VBOX Vehicle CAN Interface is a CAN gateway which translates from one CAN Bus into another.

Racelogic Yaw Sensor

VBOX Yaw Rate Sensor

VBOX Yaw Rate Sensor (RLVBYAW03) is an advanced vehicle yaw rate sensor with integral accelerometers. The accelerometers are mounted in the X and Y plane for measurement of lateral and longitudinal acceleration.


VBOX Mini Input Module

The Mini Input Module (RLVBMIM01) is a general purpose input/output module designed for use by either the VBOX Mini or existing VBOX products.

Racelogic VBOX CAN Bus Speed Interface

VBOX CAN Bus Speed Interface

The CAN Bus Speed Interface (RLCSI-V2) is a convenient method of obtaining Engine Speed and Road Speed from almost any vehicle with a CAN bus.

AMA VBOX Strain Gauge Amplifier with trigger output

VBOX Strain Gauge Amplifier & Trigger Box

Applied Measurement’s developed strain gauge amplifier with adjustable trigger output. Very low noise high stability strain gauge signal conditioning.


VBOX Micro Input Module

The VBOX Micro Input Module (RLVBMICIN01) is a small, highly cost effective module ideal for use in applications that only require a minimum of additional signals to be recorded, with one RPM (digital) input and four analogue inputs.