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VBOX Video Lite

Housed in a rugged plastic enclosure, the Video VBOX Lite in-car video system is designed to provide many of the features of the Video VBOX Pro, at a much lower price.
Records DVD quality video from two cameras, logs GPS data at 10Hz, and incorporates a real time customisable graphic overlay. No special mounting requirements or heat dissipation considerations, so the box can be placed anywhere convenient inside the car. Being small and light weight, the Video VBOX Lite can easily be carried on your person, making it suitable for skiing, cycling, horse riding or even skydiving!


Designed with Motorsport in mind, the new VBOX HD gives you crisp, high definition images supported by high quality GPS data captured at 10 times per second.
The superfast, 720p global shutter CMOS sensor totally eliminates distortion caused by vibration or fast paced action which normally arises from using a rolling shutter, whilst its tiny size camera it extremely versatile and discrete.

Video Vbox Pro

A high-end in-car video system aimed primarily at motorsport professionals and corporate driving schools, Video VBOX Pro offers a whole host of features in a rugged, CNC machined enclosure.
Combines a Digital Video Recorder, a Real-time graphical overlay and a VBOX GPS data-logger in a single, easy to use package.
The recorded video can be played in most standard media players such as Windows Media Player, VLC etc. and be uploaded directly to YouTube without any conversion

Video Vbox Waterproof

Video VBOX Waterproof combines a powerful GPS data logger with a high quality multi-camera video recorder and real-time graphics engine, allowing
you to carry out detailed driver training and vehicle analysis whatever the weather. Housed in a water resistant anodised aluminium casing, Video VBOX Waterproof incorporates a flange and mounting holes to permit users to bolt the rugged system anywhere on their vehicle.