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Designed with Motorsport in mind, the new VBOX HD gives you crisp, high definition images supported by high quality GPS data captured at 10 times per second.

The superfast, 720p global shutter CMOS sensor totally eliminates distortion caused by vibration or fast paced action which normally arises from using a rolling shutter, whilst its tiny size camera it extremely versatile and discrete.

Stunning HD graphics can be produced in post-processing and overlaid onto your recorded video, enhancing the footage even further.

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  • 10Hz GPS data logger
  • 720p30 HD camera
  • Global shutter CMOS sensor
  • Records to SD card
  • Predictive Lap Timing (with OLED display)
  • Graphic overlay in post-processing
  • MP4 video & audio recording
  • Internal tank circuit for reliable recording
  • Powerful data analysis software
  • Up to 32 CAN channel inputs
  • USB 2.0 interface

Graphic Overlay

Create stunning high definition graphics, overlaid on pre-recorded footage, using the supplied VBOX HD Setup Software.

This intuitive program allows you to create customised overlays that will display parameters such as speed, g-force, lap timing, track position, and logos.

If the VBOX HD is also logging vehicle signals such as throttle position, brake pressure, or RPM these can also be displayed in a wide variety of elements: bar graphs, dials, or text.

Predictive Lap Timing
Circuit Tools Analysis
Video VBOX Setup

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