Video VBOX Pro

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Vbox Video Pro

Video VBOX Pro

A high-end in-car video system aimed primarily at motorsport professionals and driving instructors.

Video VBOX Pro is housed in an aluminium enclosure. It combines a 20Hz VBOX GPS data logger with a 4 camera video system.


  • Accurate GPS logging at 10Hz/ 20Hz
  • 4 video camera inputs
  • 580L and 420L bullet cameras
  • Up to 32 CAN channel inputs
  • Logs directly to SD Card
  • Robust aluminium enclosure
  • Predictive Lap Timing (when used with OLED display)
  • Customisable graphics
  • Stereo audio recording
  • Internal tank circuit for reliable recording
  • Powerful driving analysis software
Predictive Lap Timing
Circuit Tools Analysis
Video VBOX Setup
Vbox Video With OLED
VBOX Video Kit1